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Strategic Advisory

GRC helps non-profits around the world develop innovative solutions that achieve their social missions, tackling areas that range from social media strategies to market analysis. 



Solving the Core Challenge

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We provide high-value, sustainable, and tailored solutions for all of our partners. We maximize impact by pinpointing gaps that need to be filled, and developing applicable proposals using data-driven analysis.


Leveraging Cutting-Edge Research

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Through extensive training, our analysts tap into world-class databases and expert networks to ensure that our clients receive well-informed, research-backed, value-added insights. 


Utilizing a Global Mindset

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Our selective recruitment process attracts ambitious, entrepreneurial and talented individuals who want to make a positive impact in the world. The diverse global talent and mindset, is fundamental in our success in executing international projects.




Revenue Growth


Market Strategy


Organizational Transformation

For one of the largest educational NGOs in the world:

We developed improved pricing and monetization strategies by performing in-depth benchmarking analysis and case studies review. 

For one of the largest global financial institutions:

We created a WeChat advertising and marketing approach for the Chinese market related to promoting youth education. 

For a major Asian healthcare social enterprise:

We compiled a database of potential startups and innovation ecosystem partners – all supported by a detailed pricing assessment.

For a leading European educational social impact startup:

We strategized to optimize resources for expansion into the US by using expert interviews, surveys, and landscape analysis. 

For a leading educational nonprofit in Florida:

We identified main target audience and created Instagram marketing campaign tied to them. 

For a growing educational start-up in Canada:

We researched potential sponsors and pertners with points of contact within the organizations, and our future outlook for the relationships.   

What Our Clients Say


Education for Employment

GRC is a unique resource that I could and have recommended to my colleagues and professional contacts. The research work conducted by the team was accurate and appropriate to the organization’s mission and core values. The GRC team we consulted provided the springboard for a 2020 Brand & Communications Plan that will launch us into our 2025 Strategy. We deeply value their work!

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