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Leveraging access to resources and professors at our top universities, we help non-profits, think tanks, and  central banks, make data-driven decisions to tackle core challenges.



Research Reports

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We will develop a comprehensive report of your challenges and expansion opportunities with access to our wide breadth of cross-university resources.


Leverage Experts and  Databases

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In the modern, fast-paced world making
informed, research-backed decisions is
more important than ever, which is why we leverage access to world’s leading experts,
databases, and research techniques.


Articles & Interviews

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We highlight social impact trends and developments via insightful articles and multimedia engagement. We also interview leaders in activism, industry, government, nonprofits, and more.



Policy Evaluation

For a leading agricultural African NGO:

Analyzed opportunities in AI/ML, blockchain and
cybersecurity in agriculture in South and Central Africa


Industry Study

For a leading European non profit:

Assessed how private sector can best respond to an Ebola outbreak in West Africa through collaboration with different institutions in the region and globally


Topic Analysis

For a leading global governmental organization:

Analyzed anti-money laundering techniques in
alternative investments space, focused especially on private equity in North America and Europe


Macrotrend Analysis

For a leading Asian healthcare NGO:

Performed an in-depth competitive landscape analysis, analyzed 4 future healthcare related trends and complied a database of potential partners

What Our Clients Say


Education for Employment

GRC is a unique resource that I could and have recommended to my colleagues and professional contacts. The research work conducted by the team was accurate and appropriate to the organization’s mission and core values. The GRC team we consulted provided the springboard for a 2020 Brand & Communications Plan that will launch us into our 2025 Strategy. We deeply value their work!

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