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GRC Social Impact Essay Competition

Solutions for Good

A platform for ambitious high school students to share ideas for social good

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GRC is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit with branches at over 20 top universities around the globe, including Harvard, UPenn, and Columbia.

Every year over 1,000 GRC members work with non-profits, NGOs, startups, governments, and corporations on solving their social impact challenges.

Every year, GRC hosts an essay competition for high school students from around the world to brainstorm Solutions for Good


Top 5

Authors will be offered an internship with one of GRC's university branches and will support a consulting team with a client project from February to May 2025.

Top 6-10

Authors will receive an Ivy League mentor to support them in their academic journey for at least three coaching sessions.

Top 30

Essays will be published by the GRC think tank on our Insights platform and all authors will receive a digital laureate certificate.

Top 31-50

Authors will receive a digital finalist certificate.


Write an argumentative piece identifying an important problem

that the world faces today and offer a compelling solution.

Choose one of the following topics:

Technology for Good

With step changes in AI, automation, and telecommunications, technology has the potential to unlock prosperity. How can we harness its power for the social good?

Innovations in the Public Sector

The public sector often faces criticism for its slow and inefficient operations. How can policymakers enhance their decision-making processes and improve budget allocation?

Global Health

From nutrition to vaccination, how can we improve human quality of life across the globe and increase affordability of healthcare services? What strategies can be employed to promote preventative healthcare?

Modern Solutions to Human Rights Issues

How to improve implementation of all three generations of human rights established by the United Nation at global, regional, and local levels?

Sustainable Development & Climate Change

How can countries, companies, and / or communities balance economic growth, resource consumption, and wealth distribution?

The Role of Education in Promoting Gender Equality & Social Mobility

What policy changes and investments in education can be made to promote equality and social mobility?



Minimum 500, maximum 1,000 words (excluding titles, references, and footnotes).


You can attach up to 2 charts or infographics to support your argument.


You can submit an essay as an individual or a group of up to 3 students.



All essays will be screened for plagiarism using software. Any plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.

Reference all sources, preferably using Chicago citation style. References do not count towards the word limit.


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