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Our Values

GRC is a community of passionate students from a variety of cultural and academic backgrounds who collaborate with non-profits from around the world to complete pro bono consulting and research projects.

At GRC, we emphasize the importance of using interdisciplinary research to understand and inform innovations in the private, public and social sectors. We seek the latest information in macroeconomic trends, cultural context, industry best practices, and more to provide our clients with well-informed and impactful insights and solutions.

Our philosophy is to attract talented, ambitious students who are passionate about social impact and give them the necessary tools and training to make a positive impact around the world

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Board of Directors


Michal Kolakowski

Co-Chairman of the Board

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Christopher Rathburn

Board Member

Nicholas Strauch Picture.png
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Nicholas Strauch

Co-Chairman of the Board

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Karina Strauch

Board Member

Global Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Boris Sorokorenskii

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 10.51.55 PM - Arushi Parekh.png
Chief Operating Officer

Arushi Parekh

Chief Financial Officer

William Leung

IMG_6281 2 - Magdalena OFFENBECK.jpg
Chief People Officer

Magdalena Offenbeck

08952303-B8B0-4E48-B7F1-588467628DA8 - Yuki Sun.jpeg
C0-Chief Marketing Officer

Yuki Sun

344579298_204218732397914_981091869139403517_n - Louisa He.jpg
C0-Chief Marketing Officer

Louisa He

Chief Technology Officer

David Hu

Linkedin Headshot-enhanced - AARON YEO.jpg
Chief Development Officer

Aaron Yeo

截屏2023-05-06 上午8.12.37.png
Global Director of Client Relations

Oishani Nandi 

headshot - Emily Tucker.jpg
Global Director of U.S. Branch Operations

Emily Tucker

Global Director of Europe & Asia Branch Operations

Roey Offer

Jason (1).jpg
Global Director of Expansion

Jason Huang

Headshot - Rhea Kundamal.png

Rhea Kundamal

Global Director of Programming
GRC pic.jpg

Rebeca Alarcon

Global Director of Client Services
IMG_0448 - Sky Zhang.jpg
Global Director of Insights

Sky Zhang

nycpic - Christina Liu.jpg

Christina Liu

Global Director of Pre-Collegiate Initiatives
IMG_1081_Original - Lucia Koo.jpg

Lucia Koo

Global Director of Alumni Engagement
Global Director of Education

Eric Hwang


Aya Alomari

Global Director of Fundraising
WechatIMG1217 - Mingxi Jiang.jpeg

Mingxi Jiang

Associate Director of Alumni Relations
IMG_2277 - Kanan Nozaki.jpg

Kanan Nozaki 

Associate Director of Client Relations

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