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GRC University
Start a Branch. Make an Impact.

Why starting a GRC branch is a great opportunity


Global Research and Consulting branches function as independent clubs, while still having access to GRC materials, client partnerships and sponsor benefits, as well as mentorship. As a member of GRC, you become part of a powerful and growing network of current students and alumni. GRC alums have gone on to work at McKinsey, BCG, and Bain in the consulting sphere, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in the financial services industry, Silverlake, Bain Capital, and Point72 on the buy-side, as well as at the United Nations and various social impact non-profits. 

We will help you succeed by:


  • Providing you with 2 clients and overall 4 projects (2 consulting and 2 research) during the first year

  • Sharing with you best practices and know-how about running a large organization

  • Connecting you to student, professional and client networks

  • Providing you with branding, marketing and IT support

  • Actively mentoring and coach you

For students enrolled in a full time undergraduate program anywhere in the world who are interested in being founders of a GRC branch at their university.

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