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Tech Solutions

Mobilizing technology and agile development cycles to amplify impact by tenfold.



Target the Root Issue

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We aim to create sustainable long-term value for our clients. We maximize impact by focusing on understanding our client organizations’ key bottlenecks and dedicating time towards targeted, strategic tech solutions.


Integrating Technology into Operations

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To maximize the efficacy and impact of operations, we empower our clients to become tech-enabled and offer them the opportunity to maximize powerful software that targets their needs.


Building Agile Models

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We help organizations adopt Agile ways of working to streamline operations,  reduce organizational friction, and allow teams to focus on long-term value creation.



Software Transformation

For a large Chicago non-profit:

Migrated client and donor databases to Salesforce from spreadsheets. Created training material for staff to leverage Salesforce solution


AI/ML Strategy

For a leading US non-profit:

Identified and recommended AI/ML applications in food recovery operations, as well as created market model and assessed feasibility of VR Technology

For a education start-up in Canada:

We researched potential sponsors and pertners with points of contact within the organizations, and our future outlook for the relationships.   

What Our Clients Say


Education for Employment

GRC is a unique resource that I could and have recommended to my colleagues and professional contacts. The research work conducted by the team was accurate and appropriate to the organization’s mission and core values. The GRC team we consulted provided the springboard for a 2020 Brand & Communications Plan that will launch us into our 2025 Strategy. We deeply value their work!

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