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GRC High-School

Start a Branch. Make an Impact.

Why starting a GRC branch is a great opportunity


Global Research and Consulting high-school branches function as independent clubs, while still having access to GRC materials, best-practices as well as mentorship from college students/alumni at universities such as but not limited to the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Columbia, LSE, LBS and Northwestern (Kellogg). As a member of GRC, you become part of a powerful and growing network of current students and alumni. GRC alums have gone on to work at the United Nations, Gates Foundation and various social impact non-profits. Alums have also gone on to work at global management consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain as well as in the financial services industry at firms such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bain Capital, and Point72. 

How GRC High-School branches make an impact


As the Founder and President of a GRC High-School branch you are given the mentorship and guidance to reach your goals, while still being given the bandwidth to grow your GRC Branch based on your creativity and personal vision. GRC High-School Branches primarily make an impact based on 3 main functions:

  1. By reaching out to local non-profits or social impact startups and planning events, fundraising, and helping these organizations reach their full potential

  2. Raising awareness by hosting events at your local high-school or within your local community, bringing in guest speakers, and interviewing NGO Leaders and Social Impact Start-up Founders

  3. Contributing to GRC Group's Insights Think-Tank as a GRC Insights Fellow. Insights Fellows write research articles about causes they are passionate about (e.g sustainability, global health, development, empowerment) or in advocating for local/international NGOs and social impact startups by writing articles and spreading awareness about the work that these organizations do.

For students who are interested in being founders of a GRC branch at their high school.

Steps in becoming a GRC High-School Founder and President

  1. Complete the Founding Member Application

  2. Find a faculty member at your high school who is willing to advise and support you

  3. Interview with a member of GRC Group's Global Management Team. Interviews for the spring will begin in November.

  4. Put together your leadership team and start building your branch 

  5. Make an Impact!

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