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GRC Northeastern

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About our Chapter

The Global Research and Consulting (GRC) Group is an internationally-oriented educational non-profit with an expansive network of students from universities all over the world. Our mission is to drive global social impact change and empower students to become responsible future leaders, and we have completed over 60 projects with past clients including UNESCO, World Bank, Wikipedia, Oxfam, WWF, and many more.

The Northeastern University GRC chapter was established in January 2021. We strive to create an experiential learning environment where students from all majors and backgrounds can develop consulting / research skills and have a positive and effective impact on global non-profits. We have completed 10+ projects with non-profits and impact-driven companies from Uganda, Israel, Spain, Mozambique, and the United States. Our highly experienced set of students has over thirty years of combined working experience.


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Meet our Team

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Andrew Browne


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Jackie Sauer



Boris Sorokorenskii

VP of External Relations

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Luke Liu

VP of Consulting

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Maiqi Qin

VP of Marketing

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Natalie Hammel

VP of Insights

Our Clients