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Kellogg GRC

2211 Campus Dr, Evanston IL 60208

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About our Chapter

The Global Research and Consulting (GRC) Group is an global non-profit with an expansive network of students from universities around the world. Our mission is to drive social impact and empower students to become responsible future leaders. Our chapters complete  200+ projects annually with past clients including Google, World Bank, Wikipedia, Oxfam, WWF, and many more.

GRC Kellogg is dedicated to providing pro-bono consulting services to social impact organizations, including nonprofits and NGOs. We have strategy and analytic projects, as well as a robust Insights media-creation team. We also aim to develop our members’ skills by providing training and workshops alongside hands-on experience.


Active Members


Project Leads


Projects Completed

Meet our Team

David Aguilar, Co-President.jpeg

David Aguilar


Sai Thirunagari, VP of Operations.png

Sai Thirunagari

VP of Operations

Katie Sandhu, Co-President.JPG

Katie Sandhu


Rohun Chivate, VP of Finance.JPG

Rohun Chivate

VP of Finance

Maya Hemmi, VP of Insights.png

Maya Hemmi

VP of Insights

Evelyn Kim, VP of Marketing.jpg

Evelyn Kim

VP of Marketing

Rachel Kim, Co-VP of Event Planning.jpeg

Rachel Kim

Co-VP of Event Planning

Lucas Yang, Co-VP of Event Planning.png

Lucas Yang

Co-VP of Event Planning

Katia Shek, Co-Director of Strategy.JPG

Katia Shek

Co-Director of Strategy

Tatum Thomas, Co-Director of Strategy.jpeg

Tatum Thomas

Co-Director of Strategy

Kanan Nozaki, VP of Analytics.jpg

Kanan Nozaki

Director of Analytics

Dheer Sanghi, VP of Client Acquisition.jpeg

Dheer Sanghi

VP of Client Acquisition

Our Clients

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