Strategic Advisory

We collaborate with non-profits to implement innovative solutions around the globe. We can help develop a range of solutions, from social media strategy to market analysis—any strategic decision you face in your organization. Especially during COVID-19, we're here to help with strategic planning and implementation.


Focusing on solving the core challenge

Our goal is to create sustainable long-term value for our clients. We maximize impact by focusing on actionable and applicable solutions using data-driven, rigorous analysis. Through agile project management and tailored approach, we identify the right solution.

Leveraging cutting-edge academic research

Solving problems with a global mindset

In the modern, fast-paced world making informed, research-backed decisions is more important than ever. Through extensive training, access to  world-class databases and expert networks, we ensure that our analysts are well-equipped to deliver value added insights. 

Through a selective recruitment process we attract ambitious, entrepreneurial and talented students who want to make a positive impact in the world. Brining diverse global talent is fundamental for us to successfully executing international projects. 


Revenue Growth

New Market Expansion

Marketing Strategy

Organizational Transformation


For one of the largest educational NGOs in the world 

For a leading European educational social impact startup

For one of the largest global financial 


For a major Asian social enterprise in the healthcare space

improved pricing and monetization strategy by performing in-depth benchmarking analysis and case studies review

created a strategy to expand to the US and recommended best practices using expert interviews, surveys and landscape analysis

created a WeChat advertising 

and marketing strategy for the 

Chinese market related to promoting youth education

created strategy and complied

database of potential startups and innovation ecosystem partners, supported by a detailed pricing assessment