High Impact Accelerator

The High Impact Accelerator is very selective, only accepting applications from organizations with projects that are or have the potential to be highly impactful. A typical project will last 4-8 months, working with the most qualified members of our team through a three-stage process: Establish M&E System, Conduct Impact Evaluation, Recommend and Connect. 


Establish M&E System

Conduct Impact Evaluation

Recommend and Connect


Our goal is to ensure that organizations are well equipped to monitor their impact and dynamically adjust their interventions to create sustainable high-impact solutions to real-world issues that last far into the future.

We capitalize on organizations' previous data and combine that with designing experimental and quasi-experimental trials to understand the true effect of a project on its target population.

After establishing an M&E system and conducting the impact evaluation, we dive deep into the different bottlenecks and enablers of the project to create a comprehensive plan for improving the client's project and connecting them with resources and other organizations that will elevate their impact.





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