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Global Research and Consulting Group at UCLA (GRC@UCLA) empowers students to provide impactful insights for NGOs and social impact startups across the globe. We are not a single entity, but a diverse community striving to achieve Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals. 


Founded in 2021 by UCLA undergraduates, GRC@UCLA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We aim to provide members access to global leadership and networking opportunities across the 20+ GRC chapters worldwide and make meaningful impacts on both international and local communities. 


GRC members will gain hands-on experience working with NGOs and social impact startups to promote social responsibility and sustainability. From hosting guest speaker events and workshops catered to international recruiting and aptitude tests, to organizing consulting portfolios geared towards sustainability, GRC@UCLA strives to develop member’s careers and nurture them into socially responsible leaders.


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  • Be a Pioneer 

    • Real-world social impact

    • New Club equals flexibility and freedom! Become a cornerstone of the club

    • Spearhead projects and communicate directly with clients 

    • Vast leadership opportunities 

      • Chance to become a board member of the GRC Global Management Team

  • Real-World International Social Impact 

    • “Insights for Impact”

    • GRC Global has completed over 60 projects in 15 different countries

    • Hands-on experience working with ESG-friendly NGOs and startups, both local and global

    • Providing sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to real-world problems 

    • Broaden awareness regarding social issues

    • Sustainability is a: 

      • Major component in many corporate strategies and governmental policies, including but not limited to restructuring, risk, and compliance. 

      • Good interview topic, every company has information about it! 

  • Extensive Education Program

    • Opportunity to learn and practice consulting tasks (e.g. M&E, macro-trend analysis, industry studies, etc.)

    • Exposure to myriad industries and companies

    • Incorporates international recruitment strategies 

    • Workshops and lessons: aptitude tests, casing, interviews, insights, financial analysis, and more!

    • Explore other career opportunities

  • Exposure to International Connections 

    • Powerful Global Alumni network 

      • GRC alumnus have interned at companies like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley

      • GRC chapters include Harvard, Wharton, Cambridge, Oxford, NUS, NTU, and UofT

  • Bright future leaders ready to actively contribute and promote into early leadership positions

  • Open to all majors, diverse backgrounds are encouraged 

  • Strong interest in working with global nonprofits

  • Students who are passionate about social issues and sustainability

  • Open to receiving constructive feedback with a continuous improvement mindset

  • Analytical, Careful, Collaborative, Organized and Responsible


Professional portrait - justin lai.JPG

Justin Lai


"I wish to create a club that is inclusive and focuses on integrity"

UCLA Business Economics Student. Initiative, analytical, reflective, and compassionate. Two years of consulting experience with startups in advertising, agriculture, and educational service industries. Furthered financial knowledge through conducting nationwide stock pitches and setting budgets for a 100+ member club. Strongly ingrained within the UCLA community, and have substantial experience working with non-profit organizations. Favourite hobbies include dance, basketball, and chess. 


Rhea Varkhedi

Vice President of Project Development

Rhea Varkhedi is a 3rd year student pursuing Economics and Cognitive Science. She has experience leading several consulting projects and hopes to integrate her business and psychology skills for effective user experience. Rhea has a passion for social impact and accessibility for all communities. Other experiences include mentoring, tutoring children from low income neighborhoods, and behavioral therapy. In her free time, Rhea enjoys fitness, days at the beach, and saving recipes she never ends up making.


Kyle Pendleton

Vice President of External Affairs

Kyle Pendleton is a third-year Economics major looking to pursue a career in management consulting. With work experience in several industries and fintech startup Agora Néos, Kyle plans to implement his skills at his next summer opportunity as a 2021 Summer Analyst at CMA Strategy Consulting.

profile pic - kristen fung.png

Kristen Fung

Vice President of Operations

Kristen Fung is a third-year student at UCLA, studying Psychology and minoring in Chinese. With a goal for fostering cross-cultural connections, she specializes in marketing authentic visual storytelling, where she created videos empowering voices in female athletics' injury prevention, as well showcased the East-West cross-cultural narratives. As an active outgoing individual immersed in UCLA orgs, she currently leads Bruin Creators and China Care Bruins, while also being a part of the club women's basketball team and Orbit, a startup app for students. When not studying, she enjoys playing basketball and snacking on durian cakes!


Christopher Koh
Vice President of Insights

I'm Christopher Koh, a third year Economics & Political Science double major, and I'm the Director of Finance and Research for Global Research & Consulting Group! I am also involved with the Business Law & Investing Society as their Director of Investments, as well as Internet Bull Report! Some of my passions include trading stocks and options, philosophy, fitness, and martial arts! I spend most of my free time watching finance/stock Youtubers, reading books, or taking walks and playing a bit of tennis!

PSE Headshoot - Carol Cao.jpeg

Carol Cao
Vice President of Development and Treasurer

Carol Cao is a third year Business Economics major pursuing a career in Accounting. She currently works with Rainforest QA as an Accounts Payable Consultant and will be starting as an 2021 Audit Intern for Baker Tilly. In her free time, Carol enjoys reading, attending concerts (pre-COVID of course), and listening to true-crime podcasts.

3月21日工作31246副hyok - kobe chen.jpg

Kobe Chen
Vice President of Programming

As a member of the UCLA Class of 2022, Kobe Chen is a well-rounded individual with a passion for finding new perspectives and opportunities in life. He interests in Economics, and stock analysis. He is a member of the Chinese Student Scholar association@UCLA and the Founder of the Chinese Werewolf Club@UCLA. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, card games and traveling.

Photo Portrait - Patrick Luo.JPG

Pei Chen Luo

Patrick (Pei Chen) Luo is a third-year business economics major and accounting minor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has interests in economics, finance, and accounting. Beyond being a member of GRC, he is a Course Reader/TA for Intermediate Financial Accounting II, and he has led stock pitches with TAMID at UCLA. He is happy to help others and is more than willing to answer any questions you have about economics and accounting at UCLA and the wider world.


2021-2022 Executive Trainees

  • Ashley Oshiba 

  • Bella Bertaud

  • Crystal Zhu

  • Grace Yang

  • Jiteshwar Attri

  • Joyce Xu

2021-2022 Trainees​

  • Emily Chen

  • Isaac Levy

  • James Liu

  • Joy Fang

  • Pavel Savgira

  • Ray Wang

  • Sukie Yeung

  • Yutong Li