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We are a new university chapter for the fall of 2020.

GRC NUS believes strongly in creating Insights for Impact for our NGOs and social impact partners. We believe in building an inclusive family culture for our members and constantly encourage growth within our NUS Chapter. 

In just our first project cycle, GRC NUS completed 9 projects for 5 clients spanning across diverse sectors from all over the world. As we continue to grow and amplify the work of international nonprofits and social impact startups, stay tuned with us by following our social media channels to get the latest updates of our chapter happenings.



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Megan Lee

"Established in 2020, GRC NUS is a 30+ member strong Chapter that unites students driven to make a social impact through providing pro-bono strategic advisory and research insights to our social impact clients. Every student who embarks on a journey with us agrees to the our NUS Chapter Code of Conduct - to uphold values of Excellence, Agility and Growth. Through this, we are fortifying an inclusive culture that serves to encourage the self-development of every member in our Chapter. In the past year, we have completed 9 projects for 5 social impact clients across diverse industries internationally such as Wikimedia Foundation, Aide et Action and Platform. In our Chapter, we ensure that every member is empowered to contribute and make a lasting impact to a social cause." 

Megan is passionate about contributing to causes bigger than herself and seeks to empower others to do so. A final year undergraduate majoring in Communications, her experiences have shaped her to have a heart for talent development, leadership and social impact. During her time at GRC NUS, Megan hopes to establish a Chapter that provides a fulfilling and meaningful experience for every member, client and advisors who come onboard with us.



Amanda Lim
Founding President

Amanda Lim studied Business with a specialization in Marketing, and minoring in Economics. She is interested in entrepreneurship in technology, and is currently working on setting up her own start-up in fashion tech. An outgoing and sociable individual skilled in marketing, Amanda volunteers in Start Up Grind Singapore and Ladies Who Tech Beijing, where she continues to learn and improve herself in the entrepreneurship sphere through their events. Amanda is also an avid swimmer and canoeist.


Garreth Lee 
Founding Vice President of Project Development

Garreth Lee studied Business at the National University of Singapore with a specialization in Finance. He is interested in the concept of skills-based volunteering and believes that with increasing connectivity and accessibility to information, there is ample room to push boundaries and benefit more communities on a global scale. Besides keeping up with the latest news and trends globally, he enjoys sports such as football.

Ryan Siah Pic.jpg

Ryan Siah
Founding Co-Vice President of External Relations

Ryan Siah studied Business with a specialization in Marketing. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and is the Co-Founder of not one but two startups - Opportunity SG and Wraek, which is a gaming innovation hardware startup. 


Zhang Xinze
Founding Co-Vice President of External Relations

Zhang Xinze studied Finance and Data Analytics at the National University of Singapore. Together with Ryan, she takes charge of sourcing clients for both the local and global chapters, establishing partnerships with other clubs for events as well as offices for the purpose of funding and event sourcing. Outside of GRC, Xinze enjoys having a good meal with her friends and family.

Tang Sue-Anne_Photo.jpeg

Tang Sue-Anne
Founding Vice President of Project Insights

Tang Sue-Anne is a Global Studies student. As VP of Insights, she oversees article briefs written by NUS GRC members and maintains editorial standards. In her free time, Sue-Anne enjoys reading and learning about different perspectives. She’s always down for good coffee too!

Lim Pei Ying Photo.jpg

Lim Pei Ying
Founding Director of Technology

Lim Pei Ying double majors in Computer Engineering and the Innovation and Design Programme. Passionate about using tech for social good, Pei Ying enjoys using design thinking methodologies to leverage technologies for social impact. An avid learner, she also enjoys studying the intersections of science and humanities. Outside of school, Pei Ying enjoys coffee, catching up on her favourite shows and music and exploring hidden cafes as a mini escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Natalie Moh
Founding Director of Marketing

Natalie Moh develops marketing strategies and maintains social media channels for GRC NUS. Outside of school, Natalie loves photography and discovering new places in tiny Singapore.