GRC MIT started in Fall 2020. 


Shruti Ravikumar


Shruti Ravikumar is a sophomore at MIT studying Computation and Cognition and is the co-founder of the Boston chapter of GRC. She is currently an undergraduate researcher at the Gabrieli Lab studying how the human brain empowers learning, thinking and feeling. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and serves as the publicity officer for the Undergraduate Association for Community Service and is a part of the marketing team of StartLabs, an entrepreneurship club on campus. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, DJ-ing her radio show at WMBR (MIT’s community radio station) and going on adventures with family & friends.


Emily Niu


As a member of the MIT Class of 2021, Emily Niu is a well-rounded individual with a passion for
challenging herself in all aspects of life. Her interests in engineering, economics, and social good
intersect within the experiences she has pursued, whether that be in performing research at
Harvard Medical School, MIT Sloan School of Management, or MIT Media Lab, or interning at
Fortune 500 companies such as JP Morgan & Chase and Corning Incorporated. This diverse
expertise lends a creative skillset and unique perspective when approaching problems, as well
as an enthusiasm for engaging in meaningful communication and interactions.