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About our Chapter

The Global Research and Consulting (GRC) Group is an internationally-oriented educational non-profit with an expansive network of students from universities all over the world. Our mission is to drive global social impact change and empower students to become responsible future leaders, and we have completed over 60 projects with past clients including UNESCO, World Bank, Wikipedia, Oxfam, WWF, and many more.

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Meet our Team

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Joao Costa

João Costa is a third year student at the University of Toronto, currently studying business at the Rotman Commerce program. With a passion for consulting and prior experience in pro-bono client projects, João is eager to launch the University of Toronto’s GRC Chapter to further propagate GRC’s mission and values. At university, he serves as a teaching assistant, an upper-year mentor and is involved in several student body and consulting clubs.


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Oscar Li

Vp of Project Development

Oscar Li is a third year student in the Rotman Commerce Program at the University of Toronto. Having been a dedicated social advocate, and a prominent mentor for the youth in his hometown, Oscar is eager to keep making positive change through the GRC. Hoping to pursue a future career in consulting, Oscar continuously searches for new opportunities to grow, either through learning new skills or engaging in community outreach.

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Selina Yang is a current sophomore studying Business at the University of Toronto's Rotman Commerce program. Having worked with a range of both international and local non-profit organizations, Selina is passionate about taking initiative to enact social change in global issues. Selina is excited to continue growing professionally, socially and personally alongside the GRC chapter at the University of Toronto.

Selina Yang

Vp of Operations

Selina Yang

VP of Operations

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Megan Chong

Vp of Insights

Megan Chong is a third year Rotman Commerce student at the University of Toronto, specializing in Marketing and Finance. After starting her own eCommerce clothing brand during the pandemic, Megan is excited to bring her entrepreneurial mindset to pro-bono consulting opportunities to students at UofT. Post university, Megan hopes to work in marketing, strategy or consulting in a creative industry.


Aarez Brohi

VP of External Relations

Hailing all the way from Pakistan, Aarez is a third-year student specializing in accounting at the University of Toronto's Rotman Commerce program. With deep experience in research, innovation, and accounting, Aarez wishes to fulfil his curiosity by amalgamating his expertise to deliver impactful consulting work at the GRC.

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