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GRC Western

1151 Richmond St, London, ON
N6A 3K7, Canada

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About our Chapter

The Global Research and Consulting (GRC) Group is an internationally-oriented educational non-profit with an expansive network of students from universities all over the world. Our mission is to drive global social impact change and empower students to become responsible future leaders, and we have completed over 60 projects with past clients including UNESCO, World Bank, Wikipedia, Oxfam, WWF, and many more.

GRC Western Ivey was founded in 2020. As we head into our second year of operations, we are quickly growing into a popular organization on campus. In the upcoming year, we aim to increase client exposure, build upon inter-chapter relationships, and establish ourselves as a leader in Insights and data-driven projects. In our founding year, we took on seven clients from a variety of industries including education, technology, and international development. These projects ranged from marketing and strategy to revenue management and research. Applications to join our team will be available in August. 


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Meet our Team


Niloufer Khan

Nilo is a third-year student at the Ivey Business School. Her experience working and volunteering with social-cause-related organizations has fuelled her interest in improving her chapter’s impact by improving chapter interconnectivity, expanding operations and offering greater resources to members. Post-grad, Nilo aims to combine her passions for business and law by working towards her JD.



Matt Potter


Matt is a fourth-year student at Ivey Business School. With prior experience in strategy, consulting, and non-profits, Matt is excited to help grow GRC's footprint across campus to aid social enterprises on a global scale. Post-university, Matt hopes to begin a career in corporate strategy and retail transformation.

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Maggie Chen

Vp of External Affairs

Selina Yang

VP of Operations


Thomas Wang 

Vp of Insights

Selina Yang

VP of Operations


Darren Tan

Vp of Project Development


Orion Li

Vp of Project Development

Our Clients


Bhumi Naik

Vp of Operations

Selina Yang

VP of Operations


Henry Jia

Vp of Operations

Selina Yang

VP of Operations