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GRC Group (Global Research & Consulting)  is a community of passionate students from a variety of cultural and academic backgrounds who collaborate with non-profits from around the world to complete pro bono consulting and research projects.

At GRC Group, we emphasize the importance of using interdisciplinary research to understand and inform innovations in the private, public and social sectors. We seek the latest information in macroeconomic trends, cultural context, industry best practices, and more to provide our clients with well-informed and impactful insights and solutions.

Our Values

Our Goals

(1) Connect a diverse group of remarkable students, united by a passion for creating global impact, and provide opportunities for them to develop their research and consulting skills and cross-cultural awareness


(2) Collaborate with a variety of non-profit global institutions to develop well-informed and impactful insights and solutions


(3) Cultivate global and social mindfulness  by  hosting events featuring social, public and private sector leaders​

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